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Skyline Drive

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It sure has been a while since I have posted on here, sorry about that! Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my good friend asking his girlfriend to marry him down on Skyline Drive in Virginia. He really went all out and with the help of our mutual friend he was able to have a gorgeous and romantic setup when he arrived. Here is my favorite photo of the day, followed by a short video I made. Enjoy!

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General Knot

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While browsing through Instagram earlier today I came across this super rad company, General Knot & Co. Among other things they sell handmade ties and bow-ties, two of my favorite things! Check out the picture below, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can go ahead and purchase that tie for me, HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.07.16 PM gk_00357_back_grande


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Last night we had the awesome opportunity to see G-Eazy play at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA and because of our excellent vantage point I decided to drag my camera in from the car. I’ve gotta tell you, the low light capabilities of my 5d mark 3 over my 5d mark 2 are incredible. I shot the photo you see below with available light at 10,000 ISO, something that would have been impossible with previous models, so big ups to Canon for making those changes! If you like what you see, you can see the full set by clicking, HERE.

366A3679 2400


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Here is a quick photo of my good friend Kam’s super clean Lexus GS in Philadelphia yesterday. Please share and let me know what you think!



Ducati Enduro?

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What is this Ducati and how/where can I get one?

Double Duty

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This may be the best two in one product I have seen. After a long day of combing my hair the last thing I want to do is search for a bottle opener to open my root beer!

Lover, can’t find you

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I can remember listening to this song in seventh grade in the back of my parents 1994 Ford Escort wagon on the way to our family reunion.

Lover, when will you?
I’m so afraid that no one cares
Lover, can’t find you
I swear to God don’t leave me here
Now you know

Must Have Shoes!!!!

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I don’t even care that these are $350, I will own them.


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I don’t know a damn thing about wrestling or whatever soap opera crap it has become, but I do know about this. Get this or a ton of other awesome options for a measly $20 each by clicking, HERE.