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Here is a quick photo of my good friend Kam’s super clean Lexus GS in Philadelphia yesterday. Please share and let me know what you think!



Its a… Buick?!

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Wow, I am almost at a loss of words here, after seeing this car I was shocked to find out that it is a Buick Regal. A BUICK! They have certainly stepped up their game as of late, back in the good ol’ days I myself drove a Buick, a 1993 Century to be exact. It was passed down from my grandmother to me and was promptly given the nickname, “old ironsides” by a high school friend. Anyway, thats enough about my spotty past of driving shitty cars. The Buick we are looking at is the Regal GS, a 270hp, 2.0 liter turbocharged beast, and it comes with a six speed manual transmission! I just spent some time over on the Buick website and it looks like for a fully loaded GS you are looking at just over $37k, including 20″ wheels! Go check out their site and build your own by clicking, HERE.