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Class up your iPhone

Posted by ShootJoeC in Design, Fashion, Me

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Check out this super awesome leather iPhone case from J Crew! Just what I needed to take my phone to the next level, pick yours up for only $38 by clicking, HERE.

J Crew Leather iPhone Case

J Crew Leather iPhone Case




Subaru Outback XT

Posted by ShootJoeC in Cars, Me

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I was just sitting here reading through some old posts and I noticed I haven’t really posted much about my car, so what better time than now. I bought this car bone stock in June 2011 and from day one I started modifying it, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. There aren’t all that many modified Subaru Outback’s out there and that is the big reason why I ended up with this over an STI or Legacy GT. The big thing that seperates my car from the other small handful of modified Outback XT’s out there is the Rotiform BLQ wheels that I am riding on, it is safe to say I am the only Outback in our great wide world that has these right now, but now that photos of my car have been floating around the Internet for several months I imagine someone will jock my style very soon, but that is the greatest form of flattery, right? Either way, here it is folks, my car in all of its glory, photo taken by the always talented and rather dashing gentleman, Rodolfo from, go check his site out! See some random photos I have shot from day until until now by clicking, HERE.


Its a… Buick?!

Posted by ShootJoeC in Cars

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Wow, I am almost at a loss of words here, after seeing this car I was shocked to find out that it is a Buick Regal. A BUICK! They have certainly stepped up their game as of late, back in the good ol’ days I myself drove a Buick, a 1993 Century to be exact. It was passed down from my grandmother to me and was promptly given the nickname, “old ironsides” by a high school friend. Anyway, thats enough about my spotty past of driving shitty cars. The Buick we are looking at is the Regal GS, a 270hp, 2.0 liter turbocharged beast, and it comes with a six speed manual transmission! I just spent some time over on the Buick website and it looks like for a fully loaded GS you are looking at just over $37k, including 20″ wheels! Go check out their site and build your own by clicking, HERE.