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Well, as things tend to happen, my 5d mark ii had a little accident and I have replaced it with the 5d mark iii! As I anxiously await the delivery of my new baby I have been deciding the fate of my now broken 5d2 and have decided to post for sale on eBay after seeing a few others for sale. Check out the video below to see the issue with the shutter, and view the photo of the cracked LCD screen, then pass the word to your friends and lets get this thing sold!


Indislider Mini: Fixed and For Sale!

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This is somewhat of a repost from my old blog because the slider that I have modified is now for sale. I originally posted the fix about a year ago and have received countless emails and YouTube messages from people all over the world who are interested in fixing their own indislider! I am moving on to a different system and I wanted to reach out to my community first before just selling on craigslist locally. A new Indislider mini goes for $170 plus shipping and I am asking just that for my modified Indislider.

I know that it is a known issue that the carriage on the indiSLIDER is pretty loose and you have to put pressure on it  to get a smooth slide, but I just finished taking it apart and here is what I have:

Sorry the drawing is so crude, I made it in paint five seconds ago because I am too lazy to do it the right way. So upon inspection I see that the screws arent long enough to actually go all the way through the plastic pieces (shown in grey) so after one or two slides the screws get loose enough that they arent attached to the plastic at all any more. That gives the plastic pieces enough movement so there is play in the carriage. So here is what I am going to do, I am going to fabricate a metal plate that goes on top of the carriage to get rid of the worthless countersunk screw holes in the top, then I am going to get a small bolt to put through the bottom of the plastic piece, and up thru the top of the carriage, then secure it down with a nut. It wont interfere with the sliding at all as long as the bolt head is small enough. Here is another shitty drawing of what I am talking about:

So I drew that last night and spent the day today putting my plan into effect. I spent about an hour total to get the whole thing set up, including making the video which is at the bottom of this post. It seems to have worked pretty well. The little plastic pieces that slide along the slider are pretty junky and one of them is drilled crooked, so I had to re-drill through the carriage and the plastic pieces, no problem!

Here is a photo of the finished product, so much more secure than the original “not long enough” screws that were included.

After I replaced the shitty screws with a nut & bolt set up it works SO much better. Seriously, it is night and day. When watching the video you can tell a little bit that it is smoother, but it is more of a functional fix, the shots that I had to attempt five times can now be done in one try because the slider isn’t all choppy.

Here is a quick video I put together. The majority of it was shot using my Samsung Galaxy S, aside from the last two sliding shots, which were shot on my 5d Mark II, using a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Parts Used:

Hillman Machine Screw “Combo round with Nut” 4-40×1″ part #04861

Hillman Flat Washers 4mm Part # 880764

For anyone who is too lazy to get the parts themselves I will sell you a “repair kit” complete with instructions for $10 shipped to the USA. Just e-mail me

For Sale: 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 289 engine with automatic transmission. 77,843 original miles. Orig

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For Sale: 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 289 engine with automatic transmission. 77,843 original miles. Orig

For Sale: 1964 Ford Fairlane 500

289 engine with automatic transmission. 77,843 original miles.

Original engine, upholstery, chrome, and gauges. Have receipts since 1977. Front end suspension was rebuilt in 2007.