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General Knot

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While browsing through Instagram earlier today I came across this super rad company, General Knot & Co. Among other things they sell handmade ties and bow-ties, two of my favorite things! Check out the picture below, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can go ahead and purchase that tie for me, HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.07.16 PM gk_00357_back_grande

Cole Haan Wingtips

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Props to Cole Haan for combining some of my favorite things, wingtips, bright colors and durability. Check out the full lineup by heading over to their site, HERE.

Leather Perfection

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As some of you may know, I have recently become slightly obsessed with my Timex Weekender watch and its infinite possibilities. While searching for something I have on my mind for the future I came across this super rad DIY leather band and I am just blown away with how great it looks! Take a look at the photo below then head over and check out all the info your little heart could desire by clicking, HERE.

Must Have Shoes!!!!

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I don’t even care that these are $350, I will own them.

Gearing Up

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I haven’t really mentioned it anywhere yet, but I was cast to play the lead in a music video for the group Dubvision out of Europe. I have been spending a bit more time on the other side of the camera lately, but this is the first time I have done any acting on film. I won’t get into the concept of the video so you will just have to wait until its release, but I will say that I am very excited to be working with 8112 Studios! The video shoots this weekend and the director told me to bring the type of clothing I would normally wear because that is the look they are going for. Now, being a fashion connoisseur of sorts I already had plenty of attire to get me through countless outfit changes, but I decided to head on over to my favorite store, jcrew, and get a few fresh pieces. Links straight to the product are under each photo!

Jcrew 484 Denim

484 Denim. My go to jean.

Jcrew 484 Slim-Fit Jean in Resin Crinkle.

Jcrew Secret Wash Button up Casual shirt

Secret Wash Button Up

Jcrew Secret Wash lightweight button up in Vintage Turquoise

Secret Wash Casual Button Up

Secret Wash Casual Button Up

Jcrew Secret Wash lightweight button up in Yellow Stripe

Daily Outfit March 23rd

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Every once in a while I use a handy little app on my iPhone called diptic which allows me to put multiple photos into one frame, with countless different layout options. Lately I have been taking a few photos of what I am wearing, combining them with Diptic and posting on my instagram, so I figured why not share them here as well? Going forward I will post whenever I post one on instagram, but for now, how about a few of my past posts!

Outfit of the Day. Jcrew, Rayban, Perfect Weather


Outfit 2 Rayban, Jcrew, Canibeat and Sperry Top Sider


wearing some raybans with jcrew shirt and pants and jcrew shoes

canibeat look book

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This Sunday I spent the day in North East Washington, DC with Roy and Cristian of to shoot the beginning stages of their look book! The weather was almost perfect and we found a great spot immediately, so the rest of the day was smooth sailing. Look for a release of the photos, along with new merchandise sometime this week over on and tell them Joe C sent you! While you anxiously await the release you can enjoy this quick photo of my car in front of the excellent bar on Rhode Island Ave NE, Boundary Stone.

Nixon – The Spur

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It may be because of this hard part 50’s haircut I just got, but lately I have been fixated on gold watches. It could also be attributed to me finally getting some more info on my grandfathers gold watch that I have, but more on that later. The watch we see here is a Nixon which they are calling “The Spur.” This is a japanese movement watch with three hands, one of my favorite combos. Keep your eyes to the Nixon site for an eventual release.

Mustache Pomade

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Lets just be honest for a second, if you have a mustache it sometimes gets unruly. I have been growing my beard for exactly six weeks now and I personally could use some of this pomade, so if there is a man in your life that aches for a handlebar mustache, this is the gift. Pick yours up here for only $15 and start training for the World Beard Championships.