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Ferrari 458 Italia on Rotiform SNA

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Title says it all! Check out this Ferrari 458 Italia that belongs to the owner of my company. With the assistance of Rotiform we did these Rose Gold monoblock SNA’s in 20×9.5 & 21×12.5!

366A8885 copy logo 366A8981 full logo


Leather Perfection

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As some of you may know, I have recently become slightly obsessed with my Timex Weekender watch and its infinite possibilities. While searching for something I have on my mind for the future I came across this super rad DIY leather band and I am just blown away with how great it looks! Take a look at the photo below then head over and check out all the info your little heart could desire by clicking, HERE.


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Here is a quick photo of my good friend Kam’s super clean Lexus GS in Philadelphia yesterday. Please share and let me know what you think!



Ducati Enduro?

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What is this Ducati and how/where can I get one?

Matte Gold Maserati Gran Sport

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Designo Motoring does it again. This Maserati Gran Sport is Matte Gold and I would drive the shit out of it.Click the picture below to get it in 1920×1280 wallpaper size, because your wall paper sucks.

Matte Gold Maserati Gran Sport by Designo Motoring | Photographed by Joe Cereghino

Matte Gold Maserati Gran Sport by Designo Motoring | Photographed by Joe Cereghino

Welcome Tab!

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I spent the better part of this weekend screwing around on photoshop and trying to tweak my ShootJoeC Facebook page and I think I have it set up pretty nicely now. I used Static HTML to make the actual tab itself, you can find some instructions on how to set it all up by heading over to their page, HERE. I took a screenshot of the page so everyone could see what it looks like for non-fans, since I am sure all of you have already become fans of my page by clicking, HERE. Another thing I did with my page was to create a long profile photo, as opposed to the default square size that Facebook uses. I came across this awesome guide the other day that gives you all of the maximum sizes that Facebook allows you to use, which got me started on this whole tweaking kick that I have been on for the better part of the week, so if you are looking to make your Facebook page look a little more refined you should definitely check out the guide for yourself.