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Willards BBQ

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We have been meaning to go over to Willards BBQ in Chantilly, VA after reading about it over on this awesome blog, so last night was the perfect night to make our dreams come true! The food is incredible and the atmosphere is wonderful, what more could you ask for?! It only ended up being $23 for both of us to eat and have a delicious sweet tea each, so its not expensive either! Check out the couple of random photos I took and if you are in the area and dying for delicious BBQ, don’t hesitate to check them out!




Leather Perfection

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As some of you may know, I have recently become slightly obsessed with my Timex Weekender watch and its infinite possibilities. While searching for something I have on my mind for the future I came across this super rad DIY leather band and I am just blown away with how great it looks! Take a look at the photo below then head over and check out all the info your little heart could desire by clicking, HERE.

Class up your iPhone

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Check out this super awesome leather iPhone case from J Crew! Just what I needed to take my phone to the next level, pick yours up for only $38 by clicking, HERE.

J Crew Leather iPhone Case

J Crew Leather iPhone Case




Earbuds by… Caselogic?

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I was as confused as you are when I first saw these gorgeous earbuds, sleek aluminum design and useable controls… from case logic!? The company that probably saw a pretty solid hit in sales once people stopped buying those ridiculous huge CD cases has come out with the first earbuds that have made me consider retiring my trusty old oem Apple earbuds, and the best part is they are only $35! Pick yours up and make my ears jealous by clicking HERE.

County Comm Watch Sale!!

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Thanks to my good buddy Taylor I am now aware of this awesome deal on County Comm watches, and in turn you are now aware! The one you are looking at below is made by Marathon Watch Company and had quite the feature set. Check out the full lineup of specs and several other watches that are on sale by clicking, HERE. This particular watch is on sale for $98, down from $150!

Lucky Man by Michael J Fox

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Whether you are a new reader or a long time reader it is pretty safe to say you already know I am a HUGE Back to the Future fan. I am not exaggerating when I say I watch at least one of the movies per day, and have for the last several years. Either way, whether you are a Back to the Future fan or not, this book by Michael J Fox is worth checking out. Entitled “Lucky Man: A Memoir” this book chronicles Fox’s life from his humble beginnings up until his struggle over the first twelve years of his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Pick the book up for only $9.51 shipped by clicking HERE, I promise you won’t be sorry.

Inexpensive Dolly

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As far as inexpensive dolly’s go I have to say this one is pretty cool. I’m not sure how well it would do with the weight of my Canon 5dmk2 but it may be worth it for my iPhone or point and shoot. Check out some of the details by heading over to their site, HERE.