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Well, as things tend to happen, my 5d mark ii had a little accident and I have replaced it with the 5d mark iii! As I anxiously await the delivery of my new baby I have been deciding the fate of my now broken 5d2 and have decided to post for sale on eBay after seeing a few others for sale. Check out the video below to see the issue with the shutter, and view the photo of the cracked LCD screen, then pass the word to your friends and lets get this thing sold!


Automotive Film

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These videos are great and deserves to be seen. They were posted over on the always wonderful canibeat forums and I had to share!

This is by Brandon Kahl Productions and is super cool!

This one is by GleasyGraphy, and was shot on a home made crane, rad!

Incase DSLR Pro Pack

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It looks like the day has come when a company finally made a camera backpack that serves its purpose at the same time as looking fashionable. For many years, companies (incase included) have been putting out functional yet unattractive, or attractive and non-functional DSLR backpacks but this one seems to fix that problem. With enough room to hold a full size DSLR with lens attached, four additional lens, 15″ MacBook pro, iPad and enough accessories to keep you set for days, this backpack is an all around win. Pick yours up for the low price of $150 by clicking, HERE.

L Series Addition

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Well, the time has finally come when I needed this lens in my arsenal. I have been renting it one week at a time for shoots, using the wonderful service over at, who have seriously been incredible in every way possible. After renting the lens five times it has gotten to the point where it starts making less sense to rent it and more sense to just own. I have spent a lot of time with this lens, thanks to my good friend and mentor, Douglas Sonders, so it was an obvious choice for my next piece of equipment. For those of you who don’t know, the 24-70 f/2.8 is part of the Canon L series lineup, lens that are a step up from Canon’s standard series of lens, based on build quality and glass, among other things. Read a ton more about it over on the official Canon website by clicking, HERE. If you also looking to add this lens to your lineup now may be the time for you, Canon is running some awesome rebates right now so you can pick yours up for $1,279 over on Amazon by clicking, HERE.

What is your dream setup & how close are you to getting there? Leave a comment or email

Follow me on Facebook!

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If you are following my blog you have probably already figured out that I am a photographer by trade, that being the case I have finally put together a page on Facebook for my fans to congregate! Do me a huge favor and head over there and like my page,

Douglas Sonders Beard Portrait

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While we are on the subject of beards it would be criminal not to post this amazing photo of me by my good friend and fellow Back to The Future aficionado, Douglas Sonders. I was hanging out at the studio with Doug the other day while he shot photos of a family friend for a campaign and well, everything just fell into place. You can see more information on the photo including lighting setup and post processing by checking out Doug’s blog. An amazing short documentary. Shot on a Canon 7d. Thanks to my cousin S

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An amazing short documentary. Shot on a Canon 7d. Thanks to my cousin Stacey for posting this.