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When it comes to taking your wardrobe to the next level, monogramming is a simple, and most importantly, cheap way to step your game. I think by this point if you are reading my blog you already know my love for all things J Crew, so when I received this excellent email regarding monogramming, I knew I had to share. Take a look at the image below and when you are ready to move from ashy to classy, just click HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.01.40 PM

Gearing Up

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I haven’t really mentioned it anywhere yet, but I was cast to play the lead in a music video for the group Dubvision out of Europe. I have been spending a bit more time on the other side of the camera lately, but this is the first time I have done any acting on film. I won’t get into the concept of the video so you will just have to wait until its release, but I will say that I am very excited to be working with 8112 Studios! The video shoots this weekend and the director told me to bring the type of clothing I would normally wear because that is the look they are going for. Now, being a fashion connoisseur of sorts I already had plenty of attire to get me through countless outfit changes, but I decided to head on over to my favorite store, jcrew, and get a few fresh pieces. Links straight to the product are under each photo!

Jcrew 484 Denim

484 Denim. My go to jean.

Jcrew 484 Slim-Fit Jean in Resin Crinkle.

Jcrew Secret Wash Button up Casual shirt

Secret Wash Button Up

Jcrew Secret Wash lightweight button up in Vintage Turquoise

Secret Wash Casual Button Up

Secret Wash Casual Button Up

Jcrew Secret Wash lightweight button up in Yellow Stripe

Daily Outfit March 23rd

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Every once in a while I use a handy little app on my iPhone called diptic which allows me to put multiple photos into one frame, with countless different layout options. Lately I have been taking a few photos of what I am wearing, combining them with Diptic and posting on my instagram, so I figured why not share them here as well? Going forward I will post whenever I post one on instagram, but for now, how about a few of my past posts!

Outfit of the Day. Jcrew, Rayban, Perfect Weather


Outfit 2 Rayban, Jcrew, Canibeat and Sperry Top Sider


wearing some raybans with jcrew shirt and pants and jcrew shoes