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Another 458

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366A9189 2400 logo

The Ferrari 458 is quickly becoming my favorite exotic car. I had a great time photographing this one today for Designo Motoring.

Max’s 3rd Birthday Gift

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The title says it all, below is Max’s third birthday gift! He came across a video of this chainsaw while playing around on YouTube and has been asking for it for months. It took a little bit of hunting but I was finally able to track it down in the UK on Amazon, for some reason this product isn’t sold in the United States, Most likely because it is so awesome and we have an awesome limit here in the states. Check out the quick photo and video that I shot of it below and let me know what you think!

366A5261 1920


My Gypsy

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About a week ago I spent some time over at Marlowe Ink with Corey Taylor and left with this gorgeous gypsy girl. I cannot wait to get it finished!


True Love

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Check out this super awesome letterpress print that I found on Etsy. Pick one up for only $20 by clicking, HERE.



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Check out this super rad new company, Graze. It is a monthly subscription (Just $5 per month) which provides you with a random assortment of delicious and healthy snacks. As of now they are invite only, but keep your eyes HERE for them to open up to the common folk. I ordered one for me and one for my lady, so I will report back when we receive our first boxes.


General Knot

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While browsing through Instagram earlier today I came across this super rad company, General Knot & Co. Among other things they sell handmade ties and bow-ties, two of my favorite things! Check out the picture below, and if you are feeling particularly generous, you can go ahead and purchase that tie for me, HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.07.16 PM gk_00357_back_grande

Torso Tattoos

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After a quick session tonight my belly tattoo is all done. Next up is my ribs, yay! My chest and arms were done by Dustin Golden of Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago, and my belly was done by Corey Taylor of Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, VA.



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Last night we had the awesome opportunity to see G-Eazy play at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA and because of our excellent vantage point I decided to drag my camera in from the car. I’ve gotta tell you, the low light capabilities of my 5d mark 3 over my 5d mark 2 are incredible. I shot the photo you see below with available light at 10,000 ISO, something that would have been impossible with previous models, so big ups to Canon for making those changes! If you like what you see, you can see the full set by clicking, HERE.

366A3679 2400

The Forties

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Check out this awesome photo of my grandparents sometime back in the mid 1940′s, before they were even married. I really hope this look comes back soon, what are your thoughts?


Winter Wheels

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The title may be a bit deceiving, considering I am still on the same wheels I was on over the summer, but so be it! The other day while driving I decided to make a little detour to see my grandfather’s grave over at Quantico National Cemetery and along the way I found this little spot to take a quick photo of my car. Below the photo of my car you can see another photo that I took while I was at the cemetery. I miss you, Grandpa.

366A3217 1920

366A3239 1920