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In Case of Emergency

Posted by ShootJoeC in Gadget, Guns

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Nowadays it seems like the bandwagon to jump on is “preparing for the apocalypse” and everyone and their brother wants to buy an AR15 and fake tactical gear because OMG zombies! Those of us who care enough to have the things that matter the most instead stock up on water, canned goods and supplies that could actually help our families in case of any emergency, and if there is one thing that tops the list its a water filter such as this portable fella you see below that will filter up to 20 gallons of water and is 99.9% effective. So next time you want to blow your money on “zombie specific” ammo for your tactiLOL AR15 you should instead be purchasing a few of these by clicking, HERE.

Survival Water Filter

Carbon Fiber Everything

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It seems like each day that goes by brings ten more great carbon fiber products to the market, and in my opinion that is never a bad thing. The latest carbon fiber something or other I have found are these awesome knives from Escort, and it turns out that not only are they gorgeous and functional, but also cheap! Pick up your own set for a mere $200 by heading over HERE, and if you really want to, you could send me one, because what will you do with three?!

Three piece set of carbon fiber daggers

Desktop Wallpaper

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There is no better time than now to change out that tired desktop wallpaper with this awesome photo by Stickman! What you see here is a Noveske AR15, which you can actually pick up for yourself HERE. To get a full size, super high res version of this wallpaper just head over to pick the size you need, HERE.

Win Cool Stuff!!

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Cross posting this from over at the Rainier Arms blog, but this is too good not to share! Win some cool stuff for doing nothing other than liking a few pages on Facebook!

More good news for our loyal reader! We are holding a contest through Facebook right now with some excellent prizes available! In order to win make sure you follow these rules carefully:

You must be a fan (click “Like”) on all of the (4 pages) including Rainier Arms LLC & Defense Marketing Group. If you tag yourself in the picture and share it on your own page, you will get 2 names in the hat instead of just one. If we draw your name and you have not liked all 4 of these partners, we will simply redraw a second name.

One winner will receive:

1 – Rainier Arms Evolution Rail – 12.0

1 – Elzetta Design ZFL-M60 2 Cell light with Remote Tape Switch

1 – Mega Arms Black Tactical Trigger

Contest will run through 11PM THUR, January 26th. Please remember to like all 4 pages listed above. The winner will be announced early the following day.


Fresh Tattoo Love

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Today a few of my friends came over to hang out and I ended up taking a few new tattoo photos of Roy, co-founder of I figured since we were standing in my office we should get some AR15 love into there and what you see below is the outcome. Check out a whole bunch more photos by heading over to the full set, HERE.

Magpul PMAG’s!

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There are few things I love more than guns and saving money, so when those two loves can be combined there is a beautiful harmony created. These Magpul windowed 30rd magazines are normally $17.95 but are on sale today for only $11.95 and available in either OD green or Foliage Green. My question is, is seventeen of these enough or do I need more? To check them out and stock up click, HERE.


Added to the Arsenal

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I recently added these two good looking pieces to my arsenal, and I couldn’t be more happy. The top one is an AR15 pistol that I built from a Palmetto State Armory stripped lower, Palmetto lower parts kit, forged upper, Troy Industries 12″ rail, 11.5″ delton barrel and Noveske KX3 flash compensator. This photo doesn’t show the Spikes Tactical pistol buffer kit, but it is now installed. Over the last year I have become almost obsessed with building AR15′s, it is just so much fun and I high recommend it for anyone who is into firearms.

The handgun is an FN-FNP9 which is a polymer 9mm handgun with a 16 round capacity. It is more of a gun for the range since it is a little large to use as an everyday concealed carry gun, but it is definitely a great item. It even comes complete with a rail on the front that works just perfect for a streamlight TRL-1s. The best part about FN is that they have a headquarters right here in the fine state of Virginia!

The Rise of Americas Gun

Posted by ShootJoeC in Guns

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Over the years Glock handguns are a brand I keep coming back to, there is nothing I don’t like

Over the years Glock handguns are a brand I keep coming back to, there is nothing I don’t like about them, from the build quality, finish, caliber offerings and price. There are many gun manufacturers that have been around far longer than Glock that the average American has never even heard of, but mention Glock and everyone from my mom to a random guy on the street will know exactly what you are talking about. Read about the rise of the Glock as one of the most popular handguns in America in this new book by Paul M. Barrett, which you can pick up here. Also, in case any of you were wondering, my favorite Glock I have ever owned is the Glock 30, a subcompact .45acp.

Mossberg Survival Kit

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As many of you already know, I enjoy firearms. Whether it be a building an AR15 piece by piece or conceal carrying my small .32 acp in my daily travels. Either way, I came across this today and thought it was too cool not to share, its a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun “survival kit” which comes with the shotgun itself as well as a few other cool goodies, all packaged in an incredibly clever tube. Check it out over HERE and pick yours up for just $350!