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Max’s 3rd Birthday Gift

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The title says it all, below is Max’s third birthday gift! He came across a video of this chainsaw while playing around on YouTube and has been asking for it for months. It took a little bit of hunting but I was finally able to track it down in the UK on Amazon, for some reason this product isn’t sold in the United States, Most likely because it is so awesome and we have an awesome limit here in the states. Check out the quick photo and video that I shot of it below and let me know what you think!

366A5261 1920


Knife Needs

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Best Made never ceases to amaze me with the top notch products they offer and these knives are no exception. Please take a look at the gorgeous lineup below and head over HERE to pick up yours, and just so you know, you missed my half birthday.


Leather Perfection

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As some of you may know, I have recently become slightly obsessed with my Timex Weekender watch and its infinite possibilities. While searching for something I have on my mind for the future I came across this super rad DIY leather band and I am just blown away with how great it looks! Take a look at the photo below then head over and check out all the info your little heart could desire by clicking, HERE.

Double Duty

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This may be the best two in one product I have seen. After a long day of combing my hair the last thing I want to do is search for a bottle opener to open my root beer!

LaCie RuggedKey

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Nothing even needs to be said. Sickest flash drive out, there I said it. Available in 16 or 32gb sizes by clicking, HERE. Also, 32gb!!!??? Damn dude, for real? I remember when I was carrying a 512mb flash drive like a boss.

Lose Something?

Posted by ShootJoeC in Design, Gadget

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I am saying it right now, this is the best product to come out in 2012, game over. A small transponder like keychain the sends a signal out via bluetooth to your phone, on which you use their app to sound an audible alert on the keychain to help guide you to your keys! Read more about it, including a much better explanation, by clicking HERE.

LEGO Heavy Weapons

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I really don’t need to say anything at all about why this is possibly the greatest instructional book in the history of writing, so just take a look below then head on over HERE to pre-order your own!

LEGO heavy weapons

In Case of Emergency

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Nowadays it seems like the bandwagon to jump on is “preparing for the apocalypse” and everyone and their brother wants to buy an AR15 and fake tactical gear because OMG zombies! Those of us who care enough to have the things that matter the most instead stock up on water, canned goods and supplies that could actually help our families in case of any emergency, and if there is one thing that tops the list its a water filter such as this portable fella you see below that will filter up to 20 gallons of water and is 99.9% effective. So next time you want to blow your money on “zombie specific” ammo for your tactiLOL AR15 you should instead be purchasing a few of these by clicking, HERE.

Survival Water Filter

Weksos X ShootJoeC

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A couple of weeks back the kind folks over at Weksos USA asked me if I would be interested in taking a photo of my “essentials” and writing a bit about why each is important to me. I of course agreed and since I was just standing around anyway I laid out some of the important things in my day to day and took the photo you see below. Weksos provided me with a few questions to answer so I got to work answering those and explaining to people why a Best Made Company Axe makes it into my essentials. Check out the post over on the Weksos USA blog by clicking, HERE! Please let me know what you think by sending me an email at

Weksos Daily Essentials ShootJoeC Best Made Co