TV Commercial for Eastern Motors

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Here is a TV commercial I made for Eastern Motors, where I work! This lady JoAnn Clark was awesome, she even sang for us!

Watch It!

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Its been a while since i have posted a nice watch here, so enjoy this gorgeous example! Pick yours up for a mere $95 by clicking, HERE.

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Skyline Drive

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It sure has been a while since I have posted on here, sorry about that! Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my good friend asking his girlfriend to marry him down on Skyline Drive in Virginia. He really went all out and with the help of our mutual friend he was able to have a gorgeous and romantic setup when he arrived. Here is my favorite photo of the day, followed by a short video I made. Enjoy!

366A6917 1920

Another 458

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366A9189 2400 logo

The Ferrari 458 is quickly becoming my favorite exotic car. I had a great time photographing this one today for Designo Motoring.

Olive Anne

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She seriously kills it on the guitar and has a beautiful voice. Game over in my book.

Love is the only answer

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One of my favorite songs of all time and such an amazing version.

Love is the only answer, everything else is just a train wreck.

Fake Problems

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I have loved this band for quite some time now and this video makes me love them even more. Check them out and if you like what you hear you should probably buy their album.

The Wes Anderson Collection

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This is my number one most wanted item right now. Someone please buy it for me by clicking, HERE.


Fort Frances – If the Ocean Runs Dry

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Fort Frances makes gorgeous music.

If you won’t take me, the tide surely will.